Safeguarding and Child Protection

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Headteacher, Mrs J A Williams is the school's chief 'Designated Safeguarding Lead' and responsible for all matters and concerns relating to 'Safeguarding & Child Protection'

Mrs S Smith and Mrs A Hedley are also 'Designated Safeguarding Leads' for the school.
Mrs T Clarke is also DSL trained.

Mrs Williams is responsible for ensuring that all members of the Ashurst staff are aware of the school's Practices, Policies and Procedures regarding S & CP. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Williams should you wish to discuss any issues and/or concerns you may have relating to 'Safeguarding & Child Protection'.   For the School Policies relating to Safeguarding and Child Protection, see the Policies Area.  The latest Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy is available from School Office upon request. Paper copies are also available.

Governors Responsible for Child Protection and Safeguarding are Mrs A Finch and  Mr M Shoosmith, Mr Shoosmith's responsibilities also include PREVENT duties.