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Letter from a Parent Governor

To all parents, 


As Ashurst residents, my two girls – grew up with the hope and expectation of joining their local Primary School and from the start looked forward to their first day at school and especially our youngest who was desperate to get to ‘big school’ and join Mrs. Pockett in Reception. Since that time, there has seldom been a day when Mrs. Williams has not been at the gate at the start of each school day with a cheerful and individual greeting for every pupil and parent/guardian and ready to quickly give a guiding hand or word and also to catch-up on life and events beyond the school gate.

As a small school with small class sizes and excellent teachers, performance statistics show excellent results and where each and every child is naturally supported and encouraged with their learning and development. With each pupil’s evolving abilities comes a natural growth in their confidence, yet with each individual being fully conscious of the needs of others, both within and beyond the classroom and playing field. This philosophy is closely followed by pupils and teachers alike and as part of the larger ‘Ashurst family’ and with the school being an integral part and tightly interwoven with the local community and Church and closely following its Christian values.

A former Y6 leaver’s comment is, I feel, appropriate in summarising this thinking “the school has made a big difference to me and has made me a better person… I may leave Ashurst, but Ashurst will never leave me!”

We are indeed blessed to have our loved ones nurtured in such great hands.


 Rowan Allan