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Parent Comments

Parents, Friends & Visitors Comments 
Spring Term 2024
  • My daughter really enjoyed the swimming and fundraising events. Thank you for all your help and support.
  • So lovely to see my son's progress especially his handwriting, which has come on in leaps and bounds.  He's had a great half term - thank you.
  • The Choral Day (inter-schools) at Christ's Hospital was very impressive, in particular how the children learnt to work together over a short time period for a common goal and with amazing results! 
  • My son enjoys the Gardening Club very much. 
  • Easter Craft club was a great hit..., as well as the Sealife Centre, & Pyjama Day was great fun.  Both boys have thoroughly enjoyed this term - thank you.
  • It was a great term with lots of events and activities and my son particularly enjoyed the Celebration and Open the Book Assemblies and World Book Day
  • My daughter loved the school trip. She has especially enjoyed the Mayan learning this term.  
  • My daughter loved the Sealife Centre; what a brilliant trip.  
  • My daughter had  a great term and produced some great quality work.
  • Wonderful!
  • Thank you for all the support the teachers have given to my son in Mouse Class.
  • .....the Greek feast was a great success!
  • My son really enjoyed the swimming lessons and gala, representing Ashurst.
  • World Book Day was also a treat, and seeing them in the paper later.
Autumn Term 2023
  • Our child has found the teaching to be excellent. 
  • Good focus on sports to ensure kids stay fit.
  • We are very happy with our child's progress and the enthusiasm he has about things he learns at school everyday!
  • He loves coming to school and stay a bit longer for the after-school clubs, especially for anything outdoors.
  • My child says she enjoys everything at school - thank you!
  • The Sponsored Walk looked fantastic - my child really enjoyed it.  So lovely getting the children out into the countryside.
  • Wonderful.  Such a lovely environment for our son to grow and thrive.  The clubs construction and sport are also a joy for him to participate in.
 Summer Term 2023
  • My son really enjoyed this term ...spending lots of quality time with his school friends and lots of activities that have been fun filled and thoroughly enjoyed.  He absolutely loved the Residential.
  • Where have 12 years gone? So many amazing plays, concerts, sports days, etc. etc.
    My child has finished her final year on a high.  She loved her Residential trip surrounded by her friends.  Thankyou for everything, my  child will never forget the support she has had from this school.
  • We continue to greatly value the input the school has to us as parents.  We are kept informed of everything along the way and our child has a full and busy school life.  
  • An action packed term! But very enjoyable with a variety of activities - my child loved the visit to The Planetarium!  A hug thankyou for all your hard work in organising these events.
  • My child enjoyed the trip to Wakehurst and Book Club this year.  Fantastic teachers - lots of fun!
  • I think the SATS were made stress free (as much as possible) for my child.  She enjoyed the Y6 Residential and has enjoyed her time at Ashurst.
  • My child very much enjoyed preparing for Viking Day.  Definitely a highlight of the year!  The Novium Museum was also great.  Likewise my other child enjoyed the trip to Wakehurst and has been inspired by the seeds and plants. 
  • Thankyou for organising the Internet Safety Evening, it was very informative and well presented.  
Spring Term 2023
  • My child is enjoying the wide range of learning, she really enjoyed the swimming, bikeability and the school trips.
  • My child really enjoyed this Spring Term it was very productive and full of creativity and joy.
  • My son child loved the Masterclasses....and swimming is great!!
  • We love everything about this school
  • Both of my children loved their trips to The Planetarium and Amberley Museum.  The swimming lessons are always a highlight.  
  • After school sports, chess and book making clubs continue to bring enjoyment and excitement.
  • My son has settled in very well this term and his progress has been huge!
  • My child very much enjoyed the visits to both the Planetarium and the Hindu Temple.  World Book Day was fun and the visit to Christ's Hospital to meet the author. Parents' consultations are always informative and it's lovely to see their progress. 
Autumn Term 2022
  • Panto Pandemonium - best production EVER. Bravo Ashurst!
  • Everything was totally great especially the performance and other Christmas events,  Inspired lots of creativity in the children.
  • Another busy term, especially towards the end! Topics were brilliant & outings to Bignor.  The panto was amazing - such a small school producing so much talent.  Thanks to all the teachers for the hard work you do!
  • Thank you again for fantastic term  It is wonderful to see my child's progress and how happy she is at school.
  • My child thoroughly enjoyed the Fire Engine visit. My older son has loved Chess club and The Dawn of Man topic and Stone Age Day. The Panto production was incredible and the staff and children clearly worked very hard.  Well done!
  • My son has enjoyed this term especially Sports and Science. 
  • My children both enjoyed the Sponsored Walk, Cissbury Ring trip, both love Sports Club, Stone Age & Roman History and Mr Evans (Geologist) talks.
  • Thank you for all you are doing.  It's great going on outings to bring learning to life.
  • My son is really enjoying Chess Club.  He also loved the trip to Cissbury Ring.  The school is always warm and welcoming, thankyou so much for all your help!
  • My children have enjoyed a busy and full half of the term.  The experiences both in and outside of school are well balanced and much enjoyed, in particular my son loved his visit to Bignor and told us all about what he had learnt.  Many thanks. 
  • My children are happy to be in the school. They really enjoy spending time with their peers and teachers.  They are taught to be kind, respectful, creative and help others.
  • All of my children really enjoy school and have made great progress already.  As ever the school trips  are a huge highlight and they always cause great excitement in household!
  • A highlight for my child this term was Mr Evans (Geologist) visiting and teaching about rocks and fossils.  My child came home very excited and told us so much about what he had learnt.  
  • We really appreciated being welcomed in to the Open Morning towards the first half of term.  It was so lovely to see our daughter enjoying her lessons and all settled in already.  We also enjoyed being able to come to the New Beginnings service to celebrate the school's connection with the church.
  • My children very much enjoyed the Sponsored Walks and their participation in after-school clubs (Chess and Sports).  They are enjoying school - as always - and the wonderful enrichment activities are appreciated. 
Spring Term 2022
  • What a fabulously busy term.
  • My child has enjoyed the activities of this term especially Dance & Drama, Craft Clubs, the Woodland Walk and Swimming.  All in all another action packed few weeks for our little school, it's wonderful to see the variety of activities and events being offered.
  • My child continues to love coming to school.  Thank you to all the staff for making school so much fun! She particularly enjoyed enjoyed World Book Day and Science Week and all the fun activities and learning experiences. Thank you.
  • The Woodland Study Walk seems to have been the highlight of the term.  
  • I read in the news today about an Ofsted Report that shows serious concerns over young children's development following the pandemic. today's Open Afternoon at Ashurst CE Primary I saw nothing short of excellence!  I'd like to say a big thank you to all the teaching, support and administration staff for their continued amazing work in educating and inspiring my children.
  • My child is having a great year at school, loving the great variety of activities and loving the learning.
  • My child had such a great time at Tangmere Museum and loved the WWII topic.  The Choral day was a big highlight of term and it was good for the children to experience singing in a large choir.  
  • My children have enjoyed all of the charity days and dress up days.
  • The fundraising days have really helped with my child's learning.
  • Fantastic 'outside classroom' learning thank you.  My child enjoyed the Tangmere visit very much and it really enthused his school learning.  
  • The fundraising days are also important for our children to remember and learn about what goes on outside their rural 'bubble', a bit of global awareness.
  • My child and i thought the Choral Workshop and performance was outstanding, a wonderful experience and a joy to listen to.
Parents, Friends & Visitors Comments Autumn Term 2021
Autumn Term 2021
  • Great to see all that has been going on in the classrooms.  Very impressed with the standard of work.
  • My child has really enjoyed the range of after-school clubs that are on offer - the choice is fantastic and so varied.
  • My child has been very positive and enthusiastic about moving up (to the next year group) and the schemes of work he is covering.  He feels well supported in his learning and excited about the progress he is making.
  • The clubs have added an extra dimension to Bruno's school experiences and he's loved the fun and challenge they have presented.
  • The RE work they have done has been great and I feel all their (my children's) mental, spiritual and emotional needs are met at this really lovely and very special school.
  • It's been such a wonderful start for my child's first term - she loves school and has settled in so well thanks to the incredible welcome she received from day 1, and how very kind and friendly everyone has been.  Thank you for making 'starting school' such fun!
  • Loved the Reception parents observation morning - so lovely to see a morning in practice - thank you.
  • Brilliant to see my child enjoying and progressing in her work especially her maths and generally growing in confidence again.
Parents, Friends & Visitors Comments Summer Term 2021
Summer Term 2021 
Year 6 Leavers Parents' Comments
  • Thank you  to all at Ashurst Cof E Primary.  What a wonderful, warm caring school.  How lucky we have been.
  • Thank you for everything you have done for my child.  She has blossomed and made wonderful memories.  We are extremely grateful.
  • Thank you all so much.  My child has had a wonderful time at Ashurst School and has been so happy!  Thank you so much for everything you have all done to make it such a lovely experience for her.
  • To our Ashurst family.  Thank you so much for all you have done in the last 7 years.  You have given my child a fab base to build on ...
  • What an amazing 7 years my child has enjoyed under your care.  Thank you so so much for nurturing her, teaching and encouraging her.
  • Thank you so much for my child's amazing time.  She has thrived under your care.
  • Ashurst CofE Primary is simply the best!!
  • ..I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the children this afternoon. I introduced them to kickball, and since they didn't know the game, they had to listen continuously through the session to build upon previous information as I built up the different layers of the rules of the game. There is also a lot of waiting in this game, similar to baseball. The children were all able to follow along with the very complex rules and learned when to wait and when to be active. I was very impressed with all of them. I look forward to next session.   Horsham Sports Services Trainer.
Parents' Comments Spring Term 2021
Spring Term 2021- Covid-19 Pandemic - School Partial Closure conditions until 8th March 2021
  • My children have loved their remote learning.  We have been very impressed by the prompt feedback!
  • I am very happy with all of the arrangements that have been put in place to protect pupils and staff during the pandemic. Great thought and effort has been implemented in ensuring the safety of all, while also not giving the children at school any cause to be worried.
  • The Online Learning for those at home is very accessible & enjoyable. 
  • We feel that the learning resources provided (online)  have been excellent in helping our daughter with her home learning.  
  • Thank you for all of your effort and time that has gone in to delivering such a comprehensive home learning schedule.
  • We feel very happy with our child's learning and how the school and wonderful teachers have managed very tricky times through this pandemic.  Well done to everyone at Ashurst Primary School|!
  • I think the Online Learning has been really great through this lock down. There has been a good balance of different subjects and ways of learning.  
  • Thank you for all of your hard work and efforts this term!
  • We enjoyed using Google Classrooms and the work provided.  We found the amounts and type of work set were at the right level for our child and it was great getting feedback from the teacher on each piece of work as my child uploaded it.  My child enjoyed hearing the feedback given. 
  • I feel parents, teachers and more importantly the children are doing a fantastic job at a very difficult time.  Thank you Ashurst teachers for all your support.  You are doing an amazing job.
Parents' Comments Autumn Term 2020
Autumn Term 2020 
         Art Exhibition school playground socially distanced viewing
         - Covid-19 Pandemic - School Partial Closure conditions
  • Its was really lovely to see the diverse artworks produced by the different age groups, and the poems were beautiful too!
  • I loved the beautiful printed sunflowers.  Some of the best creative work I have seen.  Thank you very much for the exhibition.
  • This was a wonderful Art Exhibition showing some amazing & very talented work across all year groups!  There were some beautiful poems too into which much thought & hard work must have gone.  My "Y3" thoroughly enjoyed writing her poem and also working with Y4's on the Van Gogh - experimenting with pencil, crayon & chalks.  Well done all!
  • What amazing and talented work done by all years.  Some of the written work was very moving, with powerful sentences. I really enjoyed looking at the different stages of art work from Reception to Y6.  It was a great achievement. Well done to all of you.
  • Well done everyone!  Full of colour and joy.
Parents' Comments Spring & Summer Term 2020

Spring & Summer Terms 2020 - Covid-19 Pandemic - School Partial Closure conditions
  • Thank you home learning packs they are fantastic, brilliant, the children are excited to get more home-learning.
  • My child is really looking forward to the next pack, thank you
  • My child has filled up the book and is really enjoying the work.
  • Pupil voice "I'm really enjoying the extra-learning"
  • Thank you amazing - so efficient
  • Brilliant both children are doing the maths at the moment!
  • My child is enjoying the work and enjoying the writing and maths.
  • Excellent range of topics taught with the kids thoroughly engaged and interested.
  • Impressed as usual when we see all the work done and progress when we attend open days.
  • Open Afternoon is always informative & its amazing to see the wide variety of topics covered in addition to the three 'R's.
  • My child has been inspired by the opportunity and responsibility to fund-raise for the WWF.
  • My child is really enjoying the use of Horsham Leisure Link PE.
  • My child is really enjoying the challenges of this term; and loving his learning.
  • My child is absolutely loving Craft Club. Its great to have a creative after-school club.
  • Wow! I can't believe how much progress both children have made!
Parents' Comments Autumn Term 2019
  • The excellent teaching and a varied syllabus makes the children thoroughly enjoy their school day and excited for the next day.  Broad range of clubs catering for all.  Events that actively engage the children in the community.  All in all, cannot praise the teachers and staff of Ashurst CE Aided Primary School enough!!
  • My children are loving the after school clubs, Chess and football.  The Autumn Disco was a total hit.
  • My child really enjoyed the Ashington Football tournament.
  • Another engaging and fun term for my children.  They're fully engaged in lessons and subjects and loving school. 
  • My child is really enjoying the 'Ancient Greek' topic and is talking about it a lot at home.  He is also enjoyed the Sponsored Walk, what a brilliant day! 
  • We are so grateful for the Open Afternoons.  It is important to come in and see the work and the learning environment.
  • My child enjoys all activities especially the Sponsored Walk, Harvest Festival and Autumn Disco!
  • Open afternoon is always interesting and informative - its lovely to see what my child has been doing.
  • Another good half term - lovely to see how proud of his work he is!
  • Both the Phonics Morning and the Observation Mornings were very insightful and helpful.  My child really enjoyed the Sponsored Walk too!
  • The football tournament was great! Open Afternoon is great to see my child's work.  Thank you staff for all your hard work.
  • My children both enjoyed the Sponsored Walks and raising money for some good causes.
  • Both my children are thoroughly enjoying the after-school clubs chess and football
  • Thank you for all you do for our boy! It's been a brilliant half term.
  • Football Club is great they love it and are looking forward to Art & Craft club too.
  • All my children enjoyed the Sponsored Walks and the Gingerbread men!
Parents' Comments Summer Term 2019
  • Highlights for me would be the Sports Day and the Music Festivals. Fantastic!
  • The visits have been greatly enjoyed by the girls and are an important part of each term, thank you.
  • The whole term has been filled with highlights as usual!  Tangmere captured the imagination and brought the subject to life..
  • My child loved cooking & sports, so cooking at Shoreham College, swimming at The Towers and after school multi skills are always favourites, as is Sports Day which my child always gives 100% for.
  • Really impressed with my girls' standard of work - especially the science experiments! A great variety of subjects covered. 
  • We have as ever, been very pleased with the range of activities on offer that have supplemented the taught curriculum.
  • So much to celebrate as ever!
  • Its great to see the impressive work being done at school and to be able to see how well my child is doing.  All the after-school activities increase the children's confidence and skills …
  • They (my children) have enjoyed every activity they have been a part of especially sports day,
  • Another great year. Thank you!
  • My child loved the visit to St. Mary's House Bramber.  She learnt a great deal about the history of the house and plants.  Sports day was the best by far. 
  • Open Afternoon - Great fun afternoon with so much interesting work to look through....I especially liked the literacy work.
Spring Term Pupils' Art Exhibition in Aid of The Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal 2019. 
Monday 1st April 2019.  Ashurst Village Hall. Parents' Comments.
  • A superb example of the wonderful range of talent and effort found in the Ashurst pupils. The young hosts were wonderful, and delighted in their explanations of how each piece was produced.. A great community event and for a good cause.  Well done everyone!
  • Thank you all you wonderful Ashurst School Artists for such a wonderful exhibition!  Such expertise and talent.  I enjoyed every single contribution made with love and appreciation of gorgeous daffodils.
  • I can’t decide which was the better; the artwork, or the exhibition guides!  
  • A thoroughly excellent display of young talent.  Congratulations and well done to all. 
  • Another spectacular art display and very well presented by your pupils.  
  • It has been absolutely wonderful to see the children’s beautiful work and and such a pleasure to meet some of them and chat to them about the processes involved in sewing and painting.
  • Lovely to see all this very clever and colourful work today and to learn about the different processes involved.  Everyone has worked very hard to make this a wonderful exhibition in aid of a very good cause!
  • Beautiful  artwork, lovely & bright & cheerful.  Wonderful to see the daffodils displayed in so many different ways.
  • Full of great joy and colour – well done everybody.  Very helpful guides and lovely music.  Another Ashurst Community event!
  • I am so impressed and inspired by the beautiful work in this exhibition.
  • Lovely display of my favourite flower.  Very creative and wonderful ability form all ages.
  • Thank you for displaying the children’s work so beautifully.  The joy of Spring at Ashurst CE Aided Primary School! 
  • Wonderful to see so many daffodils each one a child’s pride and joy.  This was lovely visit on a spring afternoon.  We enjoyed the music too! 
Parents' Comments Spring Term 2019
  •  My child has really enjoyed swimming this term.  It has really helped him progress!  Comic Relief was really fun, great to take part and contribute.  My child continues to enjoy Chess Club and I received a beautiful Mother’s Day card, beautifully made at school with very thoughtful words.  Thank you so much for all you do my child really enjoys school.
  • Coming to the end of another brilliant term.  Every aspect of learning seems to have improved ...
  • The positive warm environment is clearly benefiting my child .......................
  • All of the events that my children have been involved in they love to do.  They look forward  to each and every one and coming to school every day.

  • My child really enjoyed the Planetarium in particular and loved doing the project.  My child is looking forward to the Y5 Citizenship. 

  • Amazing to see my child's progress.  I love my child's artwork especially!  It really helps to see what my child's up to so we can coordinate support at home!

  • My child has had another enjoyable term.  ...... has enjoyed all activities for Y1 and the Parents Consultation was very helpful.