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Sussex Police Tips for Keeping Safe

Tips for keeping safe when you are out and about.

Being out and about especially in the hours of darkness can mean that you are more vulnerable without even knowing it. Follow these guidelines to help keep safe.

Avoid being out alone and always let people know where you are. Make travel plans beforehand and try to arrange a lift from someone you know.

If you need to walk alone, travel confidently and be aware of your surroundings.

Avoid displaying/using personal music player or mobile phones

If carrying a bag, wear it with the flap facing you and with the strap over your arm and head

Let a parent/trusted adult know that you have arrived at your destination safely. Let them know how long you are likely to be and who you are with.

On public transport, sit close to the driver or guard and also near to CCTV. Avoid empty areas and if you feel unsafe contact a member of staff.

If you have no choice but to walk, never walk along dark shortcuts and always face oncoming traffic. Wearing bright or light coloured clothing will aid drivers to see you.

Tell a parent, teacher or trusted adult if something or someone makes you feel uncomfortable or afraid.