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WSCC Parent/Carer Online Safety Survey

West Sussex County Council Parent/Carer Online Safety Survey September 2022

The aim of this survey is to better understand how you as parents and carers feel about keeping your children safe online and establishing what we, as a council, in partnership, can do to better support parents, carers and young people.


The internet is integral to children’s everyday lives, allowing them to develop, communicate, and be creative, however it can present a number of significant risks. Exposure to inappropriate, upsetting or even dangerous content represents a real threat to online usage.

Policy developments such as the government’s Online Safety Bill demonstrate the importance placed nationally on improving online safety. From a West Sussex perspective, educating our communities in how to identify, manage, and keep safe from online harm remains a key objective of the West Sussex Community Safety and Wellbeing Team who will use the survey results to better target prevention and support work to keep users safe online.