Parent Comments

Parents' Comments Autumn Term 2019
  • The excellent teaching and a varied syllabus makes the children thoroughly enjoy their school day and excited for the next day.  Broad range of clubs catering for all.  Events that actively engage the children in the community.  All in all, cannot praise the teachers and staff of Ashurst CE Aided Primary School enough!!
  • My children are loving the after school clubs, Chess and football.  The Autumn Disco was a total hit.
  • My child really enjoyed the Ashington Football tournament.
  • Another engaging and fun term for my children.  They're fully engaged in lessons and subjects and loving school. 
  • My child is really enjoying the 'Ancient Greek' topic and is talking about it a lot at home.  He is also enjoyed the Sponsored Walk, what a brilliant day! 
  • We are so grateful for the Open Afternoons.  It is important to come in and see the work and the learning environment.
  • My child enjoys all activities especially the Sponsored Walk, Harvest Festival and Autumn Disco!
  • Open afternoon is always interesting and informative - its lovely to see what my child has been doing.
  • Another good half term - lovely to see how proud of his work he is!
  • Both the Phonics Morning and the Observation Mornings were very insightful and helpful.  My child really enjoyed the Sponsored Walk too!
  • The football tournament was great! Open Afternoon is great to see my child's work.  Thank you staff for all your hard work.
  • My children both enjoyed the Sponsored Walks and raising money for some good causes.
  • Both my children are thoroughly enjoying the after-school clubs chess and football
  • Thank you for all you do for our boy! It's been a brilliant half term.
  • Football Club is great they love it and are looking forward to Art & Craft club too.
  • All my children enjoyed the Sponsored Walks and the Gingerbread men!
Parents' Comments Summer Term 2019
  • Highlights for me would be the Sports Day and the Music Festivals. Fantastic!
  • The visits have been greatly enjoyed by the girls and are an important part of each term, thank you.
  • The whole term has been filled with highlights as usual!  Tangmere captured the imagination and brought the subject to life..
  • My child loved cooking & sports, so cooking at Shoreham College, swimming at The Towers and after school multi skills are always favourites, as is Sports Day which my child always gives 100% for.
  • Really impressed with my girls' standard of work - especially the science experiments! A great variety of subjects covered. 
  • We have as ever, been very pleased with the range of activities on offer that have supplemented the taught curriculum.
  • So much to celebrate as ever!
  • Its great to see the impressive work being done at school and to be able to see how well my child is doing.  All the after-school activities increase the children's confidence and skills …
  • They (my children) have enjoyed every activity they have been a part of especially sports day,
  • Another great year. Thank you!
  • My child loved the visit to St. Mary's House Bramber.  She learnt a great deal about the history of the house and plants.  Sports day was the best by far. 
  • Open Afternoon - Great fun afternoon with so much interesting work to look through....I especially liked the literacy work.
Spring Term Pupils' Art Exhibition in Aid of The Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal 2019. 
Monday 1st April 2019.  Ashurst Village Hall. Parents' Comments.
  • A superb example of the wonderful range of talent and effort found in the Ashurst pupils. The young hosts were wonderful, and delighted in their explanations of how each piece was produced.. A great community event and for a good cause.  Well done everyone!
  • Thank you all you wonderful Ashurst School Artists for such a wonderful exhibition!  Such expertise and talent.  I enjoyed every single contribution made with love and appreciation of gorgeous daffodils.
  • I can’t decide which was the better; the artwork, or the exhibition guides!  
  • A thoroughly excellent display of young talent.  Congratulations and well done to all. 
  • Another spectacular art display and very well presented by your pupils.  
  • It has been absolutely wonderful to see the children’s beautiful work and and such a pleasure to meet some of them and chat to them about the processes involved in sewing and painting.
  • Lovely to see all this very clever and colourful work today and to learn about the different processes involved.  Everyone has worked very hard to make this a wonderful exhibition in aid of a very good cause!
  • Beautiful  artwork, lovely & bright & cheerful.  Wonderful to see the daffodils displayed in so many different ways.
  • Full of great joy and colour – well done everybody.  Very helpful guides and lovely music.  Another Ashurst Community event!
  • I am so impressed and inspired by the beautiful work in this exhibition.
  • Lovely display of my favourite flower.  Very creative and wonderful ability form all ages.
  • Thank you for displaying the children’s work so beautifully.  The joy of Spring at Ashurst CE Aided Primary School! 
  • Wonderful to see so many daffodils each one a child’s pride and joy.  This was lovely visit on a spring afternoon.  We enjoyed the music too! 
Parents' Comments Spring Term 2019
  •  My child has really enjoyed swimming this term.  It has really helped him progress!  Comic Relief was really fun, great to take part and contribute.  My child continues to enjoy Chess Club and I received a beautiful Mother’s Day card, beautifully made at school with very thoughtful words.  Thank you so much for all you do my child really enjoys school.
  • Coming to the end of another brilliant term.  Every aspect of learning seems to have improved ...
  • The positive warm environment is clearly benefiting my child .......................
  • All of the events that my children have been involved in they love to do.  They look forward  to each and every one and coming to school every day.

  • My child really enjoyed the Planetarium in particular and loved doing the project.  My child is looking forward to the Y5 Citizenship. 

  • Amazing to see my child's progress.  I love my child's artwork especially!  It really helps to see what my child's up to so we can coordinate support at home!

  • My child has had another enjoyable term.  ...... has enjoyed all activities for Y1 and the Parents Consultation was very helpful.


Parents' Comments Autumn Term 2018
  • Both girls thoroughly enjoyed this term again and were fully engaged in all activities.        Highlight was definitely the Christmas Production so much work by the whole school and our favourite so far.  Can’t wait for next year! 

  • Very much enjoyed the Joseph Production along with the Poppy display in the Village Hall.  My son enjoys his football and swimming.

  • My children both enjoy school very much and wouldn’t change it in any way.

  • The whole family absolutely loved Joseph!  It was the best we have seen so far.  The singing was amazing, as was the humour.  Also loved the Poppy display at the Village Hall.  Such moving art from  small children.

  • We have really enjoyed this term so far and seeing our son start at Ashurst & our daughter progress to Year 3.  Our daughter has really enjoyed chess club and football club.
    The Christmas production was fantastic.  We LOVED it.  We are looking forward to the Infants' Nativity.

  • We are really pleased with our daughter's phonics and maths.  She confidently wrote her Christmas cards which was lovely to see.  Our daughter very much enjoyed being a cow in Joseph production and is looking forward to taking part in the Nativity.

  • Our ..daughter has really enjoyed this term, particularly swimming.  The Poppy exhibition at the Village Hall & Joseph – these two latter events were outstanding.  Consultations & Open Afternoon are always informative and enjoyable. 

Pupils' Art Exhibition in Aid of The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal 2018.
Monday 15th October 2018.  Ashurst Village Hall.
The Art Exhibition was held in Ashurst Village Hall with members of The British Legion, Steyning Art Club and the public in attendance.
  • ‘Wonderful and moving experience.  Lovely art that brings the armistice into reality’.  Len & Penny Warner.

  • ‘A wonderful exhibition visually stunning and thought provoking.  The music playing created an ideal atmosphere.  Great to see the photos of all the work in progress (shown on the new large village hall screen throughout the exhibition), there was clearly much thought, skill and fun in achieving amazing results’.  Bridget Mordern.

  • Beautiful Art work, it was brilliant that the pupils were able to talk so knowledgeably about the art.
  • I found this to be a very moving exhibition. It's a good balance of art, information and the wonderful photos.  I appreciate all the different methods that were used to make the poppies they really are excellent.
  • Wonderful! Ashurst Art work is outstanding! - Thank you.
  • Very impressive exhibition with such a lot of passion, effort & enjoyment put in to the paintings.
  • Some brilliant art work and attention to detail with so many interesting stories hidden in the detail.  Well done to everyone, a moving experience.
  • What a beautiful, evocative exhibition.  An amazing & emotional experience.
  • I have loved the variety of the materials & techniques the children have been able to use, the music, the venue and the tours made the event truly magical to remember.
Parents Comments Summer Term 2018
  • We very much enjoyed viewing the pupils’ work – very well organised!  As first time visitors to the school we were both impressed with the  positive wonderful learning environment and also the politeness and  helpfulness of the pupils. Well done and keep up the good work!

  • Well done again Ashurst “outstanding” Small school – massive impact on the community as well as recognised as one of the best schools’ in England. Everything you do has 110% passion behind it.  My child thrives on the buzz.  You are so thoroughly organised, energetic, clever and  thoughtful day to day providing “outstanding” educational fun every day for my daughter including full parental support & community involvement.  Well done! Thank you!!

  • Congratulations on such a fantastic SIAMS Inspection Report.
    Both the school and Chanctonbury Music Festival were once again  amazing.  Thanks all for an amazing term.

  • My child has had a wonderful experience for which we are very grateful.  The school is so calm, orderly  and loving.  The Music Festival was a real treat, very moving.  

  • I really enjoyed reading the stories in Literacy and RE in particular showed a great depth of learning.   Thank you.

  • My child enjoyed a varied and stimulating half term with lots going on.  As a family we thoroughly the Sharing Assembly and the very jolly  Music Festival.  My child really loves moving about to different activities (understatement) so has loved planting seeds, swimming, picnicking, sandwich making, Bumbles visits and it all!  Thank you all as ever.

  • What a fantastic last half term for Joseph.  He has been given so many new & exciting experiences, enabling him to take many happy memories from Ashurst. Thank you.

  • Another year of great trips and activities.  Thank you for all your hard work, it is greatly appreciated.

  • Every moment has been so special.  All things are so well organised  and well run.  My child loved her trip to Swanage.  Thank you! 

  • Sports  Day was excellent and it was wonderful to see the sense of community in action.  The curriculum is so broad that it gives both out children an excellent grounding in many different areas!  We are very proud as parents; Ashurst has made us so!

  • Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to attend another Open Afternoon.  Its so good to view the students environment & hard work.  How busy they have been.  I especially enjoyed looking at the  art projects and science studies.

  • My child has especially enjoyed his computing classes......he also enjoyed the visit to The Artisan Bakehouse – especially eating his work!  Many thanks.

  • Thank you so much for supporting my child & allowing him to be himself  and to grow. 

  • All of the activities have been great fun for all involved.  Sports Day was fantastic as usual and we had a lovely time.  My child  loved the visit to the Bakehouse and baking her own bread.  ....she also loved swimming this term.  Multi skills is also great to watch.  Open Afternoon is always lovely  way to see the work they have done.

 Parent Comments Spring Term 2018
  • My child is really enjoying school and all of the activities.  Thank you!
  • My child chatted all the way home about the Chess Competition.  My Child thoroughly enjoyed the experience of playing against children from another school.
  • I really enjoyed the opportunity to see my child's work and classroom ...
  • My child is certainly progressing well, more importantly my child loves coming to school especially friends and sports. What am improvement in my child's writing and Maths.
  • Highlights of the year so far have been:  Chess competition, chess club, Masterclasses in Maths and football.
  • Lunchtime football - I think it is a super idea giving everyone a good run around & fresh air.  Chess and football remain highlights of the week.
  • My child is really enjoying his writing and reading.
  • My child loves Religious Education - and I loved her stories.  Thank you for all the support again.
  • My child has especially enjoyed Science this term.
  • Great to see improvements in my child's work, and see what they have done in class.  It's great to see Sports being done at school lunchtimes and after school as well ...(in addition to PE sessions).
  • Excellent as always.
  • My child has enjoyed swimming ...especially the life saving.
Parent Comments Autumn Term 2017
  • Being a new parent to the school I wasn't sure what to expect.  Not only has my child settled in better than I could have imagined, there have been plenty of opportunities to receive updates on his progress.  I found the Phonics session extremely helpful, especially when the children came to share what they had done.
  • Open afternoon was fantastic!  So much feedback all very constructive and helpful.
  • The Sponsored Walks were clearly another highlight!
  • Loved the Creative Writing and also drawings.
  • My child loved the walk and is thoroughly enjoying Y1. 
  • My children have found all the curriculum lessons very engaging and always come home full of enthusiasm to discuss their days - this is excellent for us as parents. 
  • A good range of outdoor activities to compliment the excellent level of academic achievements.
  • My child has loved his start in Y5.  Swanage was " the best trip ever!"
  • I loved seeing my children's work, I can't believe how much they done.  Excellent progress all round.  My children especially enjoyed the Sponsored Walks.
  • My children enjoyed being a part of the Sponsored Walks & raising money for others.
  • Great for children to choose their charities again this year. 
  • Football club is always a favourite! Thank you for all the activities you put on.
  • Parent Comments Summer Term 2017
    • We cannot thank you enough for such a happy year at Ashurst.
    • My child really enjoyed the visit to Brighton Museum.  We always find the Parents' Consultations very helpful, and the Open Afternoons.  Loved their Creative Writing.
    • My child has once again loved his term at Ashurst.  He has made use of opportunities both in and out of the classroom & benefitted a great deal.  The Open Afternoon allows us parents to see how he is progressing & the enjoyment he has in his work.
    • The after=school clubs have given my child  another physical experience & he is enjoying them fully. 
    • ...we are delighted with the stimulation and support our child is experiencing at school.
    • Another enjoyable and interesting Open Afternoon.  The children have enjoyed all the activities throughout the year. 
    • Thank you for all your support in Year 2.  My child has loved every minute & always loves coming to school.  She counts the days of the holiday instead!
    • Thank you for our time at Ashurst Primary.  We will remember with fondness the 13 Christmas Productions, Chess Tournaments, tea-parties, sports days & the trips to Swanage!
      There has always been plenty to do.  Preston Manor & The Southdowns planetarium were a keen favourite.
    • Thank you hugely to all Ashurst staff and teachers for another enriching year and amazing education.
    • As ever a very full term filled with wonderful varied activities.  So much going on and so vibrant for all the children.  A wonderful end to our fantastic years at this amazing school. 
    • Thank you as always for giving my children such individual attention to personally help them through their worries and problems.
      All three of my children have finished their respective years feeling safer, stronger and they are more confident academically and mentally.
    • The Y6 Leavers' Assembly was absolutely fabulous.....such a wonderful memory.
    • My child has so enjoyed Art this term, he has also loved as always multi-skills and football.
    • My child really enjoyed Y4 especially the visit to Brighton Museum and after school clubs.  He has had a very happy year and is looking forward to moving into Y5.  IT and maths have been his favourite subjects.
    • My child is thoroughly enjoying Y5 with all the activities that were provided.  She especially enjoyed the 'Bake Off' and Swanage and is very much looking forward to going there again next year.
    Parent Comments Spring Term 2017
    • What a fantastic term!  'Year of the Bible' produced some amazing results!
    • Parents were invited to view the Reception area of the school on a special Open Afternoon and see the very special and thought provoking work for 'The Year of the Bible' the Bible Art Week - Lots of Love & Hope shared there by all staff and pupils
    • Parent Teacher Consultations are well presented & informative and another crucial link between home and school.  Thank you.
    • The Music Festival is a highlight of the year fantastic!
    • The 'Year of the Bible' exhibition was very impressive...
    • ...'The Year of the Bible' (work) was inspirational.
    • We loved the Sharing Assemblies.  The development of the children is wonderful to see and all ages were supporting each other and growing from their individual strengths in different areas.  To see their engagement and love of learning is very special and we thank all the great teaching/teachers.  Additional swimming, chess & football prove popular as ever.  Thank you.
    • Parent ..had a good time and enjoyed the SATs evening and found it very useful.
    • My child really enjoyed The Planetarium visit especially the Star Dome.  Swimming at The Towers is always anticipated with enthusiasm.
    • We loved the Sharing Assemblies - the interaction between the children and their teachers was lovely.
    • Sharing Assembly was AMAZING!! Thank you so much for that.
    • The visit to the Planetarium gave the boys lots of ideas for their homework projects.
    • Loved seeing the FS/KS1 Sharing Assembly - it was so informative.
    • Super Open Afternoon, great to see all the progress being made.  Thank you.
    • My children both really enjoy being at school, long may it last!
    • My child really loves Chess Club and playing at home.
    • My child really enjoys her days at school. 
    • I enjoyed The Sharing Assembly!  Thought the children were simply amazing!  My child loves being involved in football now - it has done his confidence wonders!  Thank you.
    • The Sharing Assembly was a wonderful hour.  All the pupils spoke confidently and were so encouraging about each other's work.  I particularly liked the bicycle pictures and stories.
    • It was a pleasure to watch the football match vs Amberley.
    • My child is really enjoying this terms Space topic. 
    • My child  has love the Art topic and insisted today that I take a picture of him with 'his Renoir' to show his father .  My son felt very proud to play football for the school team. 
    • The Sharing Assembly was so special! - The choice of Bob Marley was inspired - Thank you Ashurst for all you do.
    • My child enjoyed the Space topic and is very motivated with his homework project.  
    • My child has been telling us all sorts of amazing facts about the planets, stars etc!
    • Parent Comments Autumn Term 2016
    • All the activities and events are well done to enrich the learning experience.
    • Thank you for everything!
    • My child felt very passionate this year about Remembrance Day and talked a lot about it.
    • My Child has been pleased to fully be able to attend Chess Club!
    • The Christmas Tree Competition was a lot of fun..
    • Thank you all for giving My Child a fantastic learning experience he couldn't be happier.  He is gaining in confidence before our eyes.
    • Really enjoyed today Open Afternoon.  I appreciate being able to see my child's work.
    • My child has been thrilled (as have his parents) to develop his literacy to be able to start independent reading & writing. He is loving his learning environment and we couldn't be happier with the support and encouragement he is getting.
    • It is great that the breadth of work my child and his class do stretches them.  Good to see them working together well.
    • Lovely seeing her play the flute with her friends.
    • Really impressed with her work and her Headteachers award.  It has been an excellent term, finished off with a fantastic Christmas Production.
    • The Christmas Production was a highlight for my child - she loves singing!!
    • My child is always willing to do more work at home relating to her school topic.
    • My child is enjoying school and it shows in his work.
    • Thank you again for your support for both children. Their thirst for knowledge grows with each term
    • The Christingle Service was lovely.
    • My child has had a great term - he is very proud of his work from this term!
    • The Christingle Service was magical - a real highlight.
    • My child has loved learning Chess and I am hoping she will teach us how to play!
    •  Fundraising events are always good fun for the children as well as the adults and achieves great results to help all.
    • What a joy it is for my child to be at this school where so much is achieved and all the best hard work given.  The result in the children is amazing.
    • The Christingle Service was amazing.  Such a lovely thing to be a part of.  I love coming to the Open Afternoon.  It's wonderful how well my child is doing.
    • Thank you for fantastic term - 'Red Riding Hood' was our favourite and visiting the 'Dodo' exhibition.
    • Football Clubs are most welcome.  Tennis would be good as an after-school club.
    • Wonderful Harvest Festival with all the different poems and memories of the different Sponsored Walks.  Parent of Y3 & a YR pupils.
    • The children loved their Sponsored Walks. Parent of a Y6 & Y2 pupil.
    • Very encouraged by the quality of written work. Parent of a Y3 pupil.
    • We are thrilled with the enthusiasm that ...our child....has embraced his learning with. Parent of a YR pupil.
    • Chess Club is proving to be a very popular activity too. Parent of a Y3 pupil.
    • I was very impressed with child's.. work, particularly the presentation. Parent of a Y5 pupil.
    • My children....really enjoyed the walks.  Thank you for your continued support and help.  Parent of a Y5 & Y2 pupil.
    • A great first half term.  My child settling in well and loved the Sponsored Walk.  The observation morning was fascinating. Parent of a YR pupil.
    • Open Afternoon is always a highlight. Parent of a Y5 & YR pupil. 
    • Sukkha child...explained that they were built with plants and leaves so they can see the stars.  It's part of a festival like harvest. Parent of a Y3 pupil.
    • We always love the Y3/Y4 Sponsored Walk and the Barn Dance.  My excited about the Stone Age!  Parent of a Y5 pupil.
    • My child....was very nervous and didn't want to play football, however after persuading her, and the great coaching of the guys teaching Y1 and Y2 child... loves doing it now.  My child... can't wait to join the Chess Club too.  Open Afternoon is always great and informative to see the interesting things and activities the children do and learn.  Parent of a Y1 pupil.
    • I am very impressed at her writing and reading as well.  Parent of a Y1 pupil.


     Parent Comments Summer Term 2016
    • My children "have had a fabulous year. Thank you so much for nurturing and teaching them both.
      They both feel loved and supported by you all. 
      A big thank you to all." Parent of a Y3 & a Y1 pupil.
    • "It is clear that the school creates many opportunities for him to realise and outstrip his potential!  The visits that he has been on help reinforce an excellently set out curriculum."
      Ashurst has a superbly broad and balanced approach to education, all that is underpinned by a simply outstanding staff." Parent of a Y2 pupil.
    • "Very impressed with both children's work and achievements.  Thank you Ashurst School." Parent of a Y6 & Y4 pupil.
    • "Thank you very much for the wonderful academic year for my children.  It's been a good year for them and as family, we are enjoying the journey.  Thank you.  God bless." Parent of a Y2 & Y3 pupil.
    • "Thank you for another successful term.  Both children have grown in confidence." Parent of a YR & Y4 pupil.
    • My child "has especially enjoyed this term, and enjoyed the work.  He is really pleased with the improvement that he can see in his work. We really appreciated the time given at Parents Evening to talk through our concerns and the Open Afternoons," Parent of a Y2 pupil.
    • "Thank you once again Ashurst Primary for a wonderful term." Parent of a Y4 pupil.
    • "Parent Consultations great for update on my child's progress and constructive comments for improvement, very informative.
      Open Afternoon was good to see my child's work, especially where improvement can be made before Y1 September." Parent of a YR pupil.
    • "The Parents' Consultation was lovely.  We love hearing how our child is progressing and love the relationship she has with everyone." Parents of a YR pupil.
    • "Excellent as always.  Thank you." Parent of Y6 & Y4 pupil.
    • My child "has done so well!  Thank you for all your support and help you have given him over the last year. Parent of a Y3 pupil.
    • My child " is enjoying school and enjoyed taking part in the Leavers' Rounders.  The Sports Day was charming as ever." Parent of a Y4 pupil.
    • "Both my children very much enjoyed the Y6 Leavers' Rounders match as I did!  .......has loved her topic on Bramber and the visit there. .......loved Swanage - lovely memories for him to take away with him. Parent of a Y6 & a Y4 pupil.